WordPress SEO agency for eco-conscious companies

WordPress SEO Agency

Increase leads, get more sales and grow your website traffic with strategic SEO and WordPress web design.

Be visible and rank more highly online

If you’re tackling plastic waste, fast fashion, championing rewilding, calculating carbon footprints, selling renewable energy solutions, educating people on sustainability, saving animals from abuse, fighting environmental injustice or undertaking any one of the environmental issues we face, it’s crucial your target audience can find you.

Boost your online visibility with search engine optimisation.  Stand out and be seen and rank more highly than your competitors.

WordPress SEO agency for eco-conscious companies


Not getting the number of enquiries you’d like? SEO will help get your website seen by the target audience you’re hoping to reach.

Local SEO

Want to attract customers in your geographic area but struggling to be seen online? Local SEO drives traffic to your site from your local area.

Web Design

Replace your outdated, slow website with a modern WordPress site that takes visitors on a seamless user-friendly journey.


Does your website stand out from your competitors? Turn your website visitors into customers with clever copywriting that effectively and expertly showcases your product or service.


Struggling to come up with new regular new content? Answer your target audience’s most frequently asked questions with fresh, unique, carefully-researched, and well-written blogs.

Hosting & Support

Need to fix bugs, update your theme or install a plugin, but don’t know how? Sign up for one of the support packages and leave everything to me and my talented website team.

What Savvy SEO can do for your eco-driven business

Specialists in WordPress SEO and web design.

Putting you in front of your target audience

If your website doesn’t show up in search results, people won’t be able to discover your business. Instead, they’ll see your competitors and spend money with them. Avoid this with effective and targeted SEO.

Helping you to build trust and credibility

SEO builds trust and credibility for your business as the links on the first page of Google tend to be the most reliable. Since 90% of people searching online only check page one of Google –  this is the spot you want to secure.

Stand out from your competitors

Get your business noticed and keep your website visitors engaged with a custom-built website that’s modern, fast, and mobile friendly.  Turn visitors into clients with our user friendly, responsive web design.

About Savvy SEO

Hi, I’m Sonia, owner of Savvy SEO.

Savvy SEO is a WordPress SEO agency in London specialising in helping eco-conscious companies increase their online visibility through SEO and web design.

Together with my UK copywriters and web designers, I help you improve your search engine ranking and be seen by the customers or clients you want to attract.  Turn your website visitors into buying customers with Savvy SEO’s expertise.

Boost your online ranking with Savvy SEO

Grow your business with our SEO and WordPress design skills

As a business that strives to make a positive environmental impact, you can’t afford to ignore SEO. 

Savvy SEO’s WordPress design, SEO services,and hosting and support expertise will get you found on search engines, drive potential customers to your site and give you more opportunity to make that all-important sale. 

Why Work With Savvy SEO?


We’re a small team all working remotely, so you’re not paying exorbitant fees for office space.  You’re paying for expertise, skill and experience, not for fancy digs.

to sustainability

The climate crisis and the continuous plundering of nature’s resources is more than just a passing interest to me. I’ll also plant a tree when you come on board.

lengthy contracts

No-one likes to be tied into a long contract, so I ask for a minimum term of six months to give me enough time to show results from my strategic SEO campaign.

Who I Work With

Companies and organisations that are hell-bent on providing sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

Forward thinking business owners that want environmental change to happen today, not tomorrow.

Business owners who have the desire to grow their online presence and want to be visible.

I work closely with my clients in order to deliver the best results.