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Together we can make our planet a better place

Helping eco-conscious businesses improve their online visibility, drive more sales and increase website traffic with SEO and WordPress web design.

You're an eco-friendly busines making a positive environmental impact, but your website isn't getting noticed.

For brands that want to grow and be more visible online, Savvy SEO can help. It all starts with a strategic, holistic and effective SEO campaign – which is what you’ll get when working with us. 

If your website’s been hiding where no one can find it, we’ll help you burst back onto the scene in the very niche you’re trying to compete in.

Who’s behind Savvy SEO

SEO specialist by day, eco-warrior by night.

Hi there! I’m Sonia, owner of Savvy SEO.  Some people know me as the ‘sustainability SEO gal’. Why? Because I combine my two passions – helping eco-friendly businesses sell their products and services and taking meaningful action to protect the environment. 

Environmental sustainability is more than a passion of mine – it’s who I am.  Before training as an SEO specialist, I helped important CITES agreements get passed and helped draft national policy guidance covering scientific research on migratory birds and species at risk.

Why hire
Savvy SEO

You want to make change today, not tomorrow. You need an SEO agency that understands the why behind your business, beyond the need to make money. 

Our team comes with years of experience with SEO, WordPress design and content writing. No one person can do it all, so we don’t try to.  We bring our skills to your project as needed.


Work with me and I’ll plant a tree

At Savvy SEO, I don’t just talk about doing better, I take action from the ground up. In 2020, I planted 10 trees in my local park as a thank-you to my clients.

Now I’ve partnered with Tree Nation, a charity that restores forests, supports local communities and protects biodiversity.  For every new client I work with, one native tree is planted here in the UK.

The Savvy SEO team

Sonia - Owner / Sustainability SEO Gal

I love helping businesses improve their online visibility.  When I’m not wearing my SEO hat, you’ll find me in my local park litter picking and making a fuss over all the dogs.

In 2018, I published my memoir, ‘A Lion’s Roar: Fear, Courage and Whispers of Change’, which chronicles my experiences volunteering at four wildlife reserves in South Africa and Botswana.

The talented web design and development team

Meet Ivan, Sofia, Andrija, Helena, Aleksandar, Jovan and Marko. They’re a seriously talented bunch. The team is a powerhouse of knowledge with decades of experience in web design, development and graphic design. They create modern, responsive, fast WordPress websites without compromising on design.

If I could wave a magic wand, I’d be planting trees and cleaning the oceans in the morning, sequestering carbon in the afternoon and freeing captive animals by night. I care about the planet – it’s just that simple. And I’d love to do it all. But I can’t. Which is why I want to help you! - Sonia Rosenblatt

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