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Share your expertise and keep your audience in the loop through well-written and carefully-crafted blog posts.

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Insight-driven SEO optimised blogs

From an insight-driven piece about the climate crisis to an in-depth answer to a question you get asked a lot, regular blog posts work wonders for your content marketing and online visibility. 

But here’s the catch. The best blogs usually take hours of research and even more time to write. The question is – do you have that time to spare? We didn’t think so. 

You’re too busy offsetting carbon, researching plastic-free solutions, campaigning for environmental protection or selling a product that works with nature rather than against it.

Why you should use Savvy SEO’s blog writing service

UK writers

Leave your website copy and blog writing to our UK based pool of freelance writers, who have decades of combined experience writing about a broad range of topics. As members of  ProCopywriters, they are recognised experts who write attention-grabbing copy that makes readers take action.

Insight-driven copy

Whether you want blogs that inform, excite or inspire your target audience, our blog writing service has you covered.  Each topic is thorougly researched and we combine this with your expertise resulting in insight-driven copy that keeps your audience wanting to find out more about what you’re up to.

Content strategy

We’ll provide you with a list of potential topics for your blogs – but if you’re already overflowing with ideas, even better. We’ll also do a content gap analysis to highlight any topics you haven’t thought about yet.  A content calendar sets everything out so that everyone knows what topic will be written and when.

Here’s what our blog writing service includes

There’s more to blog writing than a strong grasp of the English language. It’s about capturing your brand values, bringing your story to life and encouraging people to buy your products or service. Every word should be written with a specific business or marketing goal in mind. To deliver copy that sells, we work through a series of steps.

Content audit

Before launching into any blog writing activity, we'll take a look at your existing content. This is where we make recommendations to keep, enhance or remove a piece of content. We work with what you have first.

Content gap analysis

A content gap analysis will reveal what opportunities you’re missing and how to provide the best value possible to your target audience. We’ll look for gaps in content topics, thoroughness, readability and how share-worthy your content is.

Industry research

To create great content for your business, we’ll need to know what your competitors are up to. Keywords, what's driving traffic to their website and the quality of their blogs are just some of what we like to uncover.

Content calendar

A content calendar will be created for you. It's a written schedule of when we plan to publish content. Depending on how often you decide you want to publish a new blog, the blog topics will be laid out several months in advance.

Topic research

Once you’ve decided which blogs you want published and how often, we’ll start the drafting process. Together with your industry insights, we’ll draft a blog by conducting in-depth research to learn more about the topic.

Writing the blog

We’ll craft keyword-rich blog posts with punchy SEO meta titles and descriptions to drive traffic to your website, capture your audience’s attention and build trust with potential customers.

Content that grows naturally

You might have been promised page one of Google by other SEO or blog writing agencies. We don’t.  Growing traffic and reaching your audience should be organic and natural. While taking shortcuts might work in the short term, they’ll only hurt your business in the long run.

An acorn needs the right conditions to grow and yes, pouring chemicals over it might result in a growth spurt, but it doesn’t guarantee sustained growth. Like the oak tree, growing your audience through content takes time and careful planning. The wrong conditions won’t yield results. 

Blog writing service from UK writers

Blogs written by a non-native English speaker, or by someone without any experience writing commercially, are as obvious as an elephant’s trunk. Save yourself the time-consuming task of writing and rewriting by using one of our copywriters instead.  We have a small circle of trusted experienced UK SEO copywriters who work with Savvy SEO on a per project basis.


It depends.  There are no hard and fast rules.  It depends on the search query being answered and who your target audience is.  The key is on providing quality over quantity.   We always write for your audience first, then for search engines.

The frequency of blog posts depends on what’s best for your company and how much investment you are willing to make.  Sometimes a company can rank on one blog post a week, while others will need posts to be published on a more regular basis. 

Yes. One of the best strategies to make your site more visible, get more traffic, convert more visitors into customers and make more money  is to publish blog posts.  Google generally favors lengthy, high-quality, and relevant content.  Creating quality blog posts on lots of different but closely related topics will not only showcase your expertise to your website visitors but will also give search engines more opportunity to present your website in search results.