SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It’s the process of improving a website’s content so it’s more visible to search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu.  Good SEO involves creating authoritative content that provides the best possible answer a searcher has.  It also involves making sure your website loads quickly, and that the content is easily accessible for desktop and mobile users.

The minimum contract length is six months. This is to allow enough time for the SEO campaign to show results.  After six months, the contract continues on a rolling monthly basis.    During this time, if you wish to cancel, you can give us 30-days’ notice so we can tie up loose ends and prepare all the data we’ve collected to hand over to you.

At the end of every month, you’ll receive a report with details of the work completed and details of your website’s ranking, keyword positions, traffic, and conversions.  Throughout the month, you’ll receive updates and we’ll be in contact with you. 

Search engine optimisation can take several months to see an improvement in ranking and traffic.  How long it takes depends on how competitive your niche is, how bad or how good your SEO is and how much work we’re doing for you.   Improvements generally occur after four to six months of consecutive SEO work, with significant gains occurring between six and twelve months.

The cost of SEO will depend on what’s needed to get you ranking highly. It will also depend on the size of your website and how competitive your niche is.  You can expect to invest between £1,500 to £5,000 a month. 

This depends on a number of factors – how much you invest, the niche you’re in and how competitive the sector is.  The time it takes to start ranking varies widely.  However, you can expect to achieve results in approximately six months.  For highly competitive terms it might take up to a year.   

Local SEO is good for a business that interacts with people.  If you never meet in person, then local SEO isn’t the right SEO strategy for your business.Local SEO is not appropriate for 100% e-commerce businesses.  That’s because there is no physical location for customers to visit.


If your eCommerce website is running on a platform other than WordPress and you would like to switch,  we can build you an eCommerce website using WooCommerce.   Your website will look exactly the same to the visitor but will look different behind the scenes.  Of course, if you’d like design enhancements while we’re doing the rebuild, that’s an option we can explore as well. 

Yes. Absolutely!  You’ve got a great website with products that people want but how will people find what you’re selling?


Many people will discover your company for the first time by using Google or another search engine.  So, if your website isn’t giving visitors a good user experience, it’s slow to load and it’s not signaling to search engines that it’s relevant, authoritative and trustworthy,  search engines will simply show your competitors’ websites in search results. Eighty percent of major purchases start with online research, even if the purchase itself happens in a store. Bottom line, your website needs to be visible. 

Yes, that’s the whole point of SEO – to get more traffic to your website and to encourage those visitors to buy from you rather than from your competitors. Almost 90% of consumers use search engines to inform their purchase decisions.  A good SEO strategy will send some of those users to you because your website will be visible.    

The cost of SEO will depend on what’s needed to get you ranking highly. It will also depend on the size of your website and how competitive your niche is.  You can expect to invest between £1,500 to £5,000 a month but it does very much depend on a number of variables. 

Yes, absolutely. Relevant and engaging content that’s posted on a regular basis is the backbone of good SEO. It’s a way to engage your customers and it also provides search engines with keyword optimised content.


We only build websites in WordPress (including the eCommerce functionality WooCommerce).  This is because WordPress gives you access and control over your own website which is really important.  It’s also super easy for you to update on your own.

WordPress is also the world’s most popular website platform, adding functionality is easy with plugins.  And, we’ve been building websites on WordPress for decades so there’s not much we don’t know about it.   It’s also great for integrating eCommerce, CRMs and booking systems.

Unfortunately no. We believe that WordPress offers the best platform for almost all businesses.   

Absolutely! We get asked to do this all of the time.  We’ll build a replica of your site offline so that your current site remains live. Once it’s complete we’ll make the switch.  No one will know – except for you.  It often happens that we’ll spot ways to improve your website’s functionality or appearance.  We can do this at the same time as the rebuild.  

The cost to build your website will depend on the amount of work involved, how much copy and how many pages are required and the type of functionality.  After your call with our web developer we’ll provide you with a detailed quote. 

The time to build the website will depend greatly upon if you have the content ready.  We prefer to have the copy already written before we start with the design process.  This is so that we know how to lay out the copy that makes sense.  It will also depend on how many changes or additions you want throughout the process.   Typically a ten-page website takes four weeks once we have the final copy to work with.


We’ve got years of experience working with WordPress.  We respond to all queries the same day, so you’re never waiting too long for an answer.   

“Grow” is our most popular package for scalable brochure based and e-commerce websites as it offers a big storage capacity.

Yes, we do.  Choose either the Grow or Managed WordPress Support packages.  If you’re on a pay-as-you-go plan, we’ll let you know approximately how long the issue will take so you can buy credits up front. 

No. It doesn’t matter.  You can stay with your current hosting provider and still receive amazing support with us.   We use cloud-based hosting which means that there’s only one website on one server. This also means your website will be super fast.  If we discover that your website is slow due to your server, we might suggest hosting with us, but it’s entirely up to you.  

You can book a time to chat with us with Calendly.  Just choose a time that suits you and we’ll be happy to discuss your website issue with you. 

We will migrate your site from your existing hosting company to our servers for absolutely free of charge.

Our Managed Support plan aims to increase your site performance, page load times and PageSpeed scores. We are obsessed with speed, so you can be sure that your site will be in good hands.

Once we’ve received your email we normally respond the same working day to let you know if we’ve fixed the issue or if we’re still working on it.  Some fixes might only take a few minutes, some might take hours or days.  It depends on the complexity of the issue.  You’ll always be kept updated on our progress.  

Yes.  You can pay for a block of hours up front to cover the time it takes to make the one-time edits.  We also offer monthly support packages if you find you’re needing support more often. 

Firewalls, login security, bot protection, database security, suspicious device login control and operating system security are just some of the security features we provide.  

Speed and performance optimisation is fully covered by our Grow or Managed WordPress Support plans. Through hours of manual optimisation, we can significantly improve the speed of your website.   

During onboarding, our team conducts a full audit of your website and hosting environment. This allows us to create and implement a plan to significantly lower loading time.  If you sign up for one of our support packages, we keep your website fast on an ongoing basis. 


Yes. We’ll work with any website regardless of which company it’s hosted with.

No! We will keep your website with its current hosting provider when you come on board and manage your WordPress website. However, we may not be able to achieve your speed and security goals on a shared hosting provider.  There is always the option to host with us. We use cloud-based servers in the UK ensuring optimal website speed. 


It depends.  There are no hard and fast rules.  It depends on the search query being answered and who your target audience is.  The key is on providing quality over quantity.   We always write for your audience first, then for search engines.

The frequency of blog posts depends on what’s best for your company and how much investment you are willing to make.  Sometimes a company can rank on one blog post a week, while others will need posts to be published on a more regular basis. 

Yes. One of the best strategies to make your site more visible, get more traffic, convert more visitors into customers and make more money  is to publish blog posts.  Google generally favors lengthy, high-quality, and relevant content.  Creating quality blog posts on lots of different but closely related topics will not only showcase your expertise to your website visitors but will also give search engines more opportunity to present your website in search results.