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How will SEO copywriting help your business?

SEO copywriting is one of the many techniques used that makes your website searchable online. But it fulfils another important role too.

Because attracting visitors to your website is just the start. You then need to turn those visitors into paying customers.

SEO copywriting is what will persuade them to buy from you. It talks to your audience directly, using language they understand. It gives them the information they need and answers their questions. And it clearly communicates the benefits they’ll receive.

 Having SEO copywriting on your website is like having a salesperson working 24/7 for your business.


Why invest in SEO copywriting?

When business owners write their own copy, they often get it wrong.

They focus on what they want to write, rather than what their customers need to read. They make incorrect assumptions about what their customers already know. And they use language they’re familiar with, but that their customers may not be.

If they’re not skilled writers, they can also make mistakes with their spelling and grammar. And these won’t go unnoticed.

74% of UK adults said they notice the quality of spelling and grammar on the websites they look at. And 59% said they won’t use a company that has obvious grammar or spelling mistakes on its website.

SEO copywriting is copy that is professionally written, specially for your audience. So you can avoid these common mistakes and focus on making sales.

SEO Consultant For Small Business | Professional, Affordable, Personal

Content Review

If you’ve had your website for some time, you may have a large back catalogue of blog content. But is it all still working for you? As part of the SEO copywriting service, I offer a content review.

Some blog posts are evergreen and stay fresh. But most have a sell-by date, after which they become stale and irrelevant. This is why it’s important to review them every so often.

The content review is like a spring clean for your blog. I’ll review and research your current content to see how it stacks up against the content your competitors are publishing.

This will show us which posts are good to keep, or update, and what topics we should be writing about going forward.

SEO Consultant For Small Business | Professional, Affordable, Personal
SEO Consultant For Small Business | Professional, Affordable, Personal

Content refresh

SEO copywriting that involves updating your existing content will help breathe new life into blog posts you’ve already worked hard on — and make them even better.

Following your content review, I’ll take any updatable posts and give them an overhaul. This will involve bringing the information up to date and making sure your blog posts contain the right words and phrases to make it easier for your audience to find them.

Ongoing Blogging

Google favours websites that are regularly updated with new, high-quality content. So it follows that having a blog on your website and posting articles regularly will help you climb higher on Google and maintain your position.

But you have a business to run and you probably have better things to do than writing blog posts.

With your input and my research, I can write your blog posts. This means more content for Google, more value for your customers and more business for you.

SEO Consultant For Small Business | Professional, Affordable, Personal
SEO Consultant For Small Business | Professional, Affordable, Personal

Proofreading and SEO Editing

Errors in your content can distract your readers from your message. So if you’re writing your own blog posts, it’s often a good idea for someone else to read them before you hit that publish button.  Proofreading and editing are a crucial part of SEO copywriting.

A second pair of eyes can spot things you might have missed, such as typos, spelling mistakes and errors in the grammar. It’s also a good test for whether your content is easy to read and makes sense.

I’ll read your posts through, correct any mistakes and highlight any problems for you to review. I’ll also check that your content is fully SEO optimised and uses keywords that will help your audience to find it.


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