eCommerce SEO for eco-conscious brands

Sell your products and build brand credibility with WooCommerce SEO.

SEO for eCommerce websites

To sell your eco-friendly and ethical product you need visitors to your website. But not just any visitor.  You want to attract those who are highly likely to buy what you’re selling. But if your target market can’t find you they can’t buy from you. 

Yes, your eCommerce site may be selling great products but you might be struggling to get visitors to your website in the first place.  

If you’re not getting the number of enquiries you want, your website is probably not sending the right signals to search engines or giving your target market the experience they’re looking for.

A poorly optimised website, sending the wrong signals and a poor user journey mean lost sales. But these issues can be fixed with the right SEO strategies because SEO is the foundation for your website’s success. 

Woocommerce SEO Strategy

WooCommerce SEO without a solid strategy is like a poorly planned tree planting scheme – there’ll be lots of activity and energy poured into the project but there’ll be no growth. 

SEO Audit

Analysing how your website is performing and your SEO progress so far is the first crucial step in our eCommerce SEO process.

Keyword research

Solid keyword research and competitor analysis is the foundation of a great SEO campaign which is why I don’t skip this important step.

Competitor Research

I’ll take a look at what your competitors are doing, avoiding their mistakes and taking note of what they’re doing well.


Search engine bots need to be able to crawl your site, product descriptions should be unique and your site structure should make sense.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO ensures that search engines can crawl and index your site. I’ll make sure your website loads as fast - like Sailfish fast (it’s the fastest sea animal, in case you were curious).

Link Building

Building backlinks is critically important for a website's authoriry. First I’ll analyse your existing links, check out your competitors and then I’ll do my own high quality link building.

Content Creation

Whether it’s rewriting your website copy or publishing regular blog posts, your content will be aligned with search intent to attract the website visitors you want to attract.


Monitoring and tracking traffic and other key performance metrics is central to your WooCommerce SEO strategy. My easy-to-understand reports give you the information you really need.

Why I only optimise WordPress sites

It’s powerful

WordPress is an open-source software, the world’s most popular content management system, highly customisable and a powerful platform for selling products.

You have control

You having complete control over your own website is very important to me. I’ve found that other website platforms don’t provide website owners enough flexibility and control.

WordPress expertise

Having spent years learning about this platform, my website design and development team have seen it all.  No problem is too big or too small.

22% of the top 1m eCommerce sites use WooCommerce
0 %
8% of websites use the WooCommerce functionality
0 %
WooCommerce has 23% market share worldwide
0 %
13% of eCommerce sites use WooCommerce
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If your eCommerce website is running on a platform other than WordPress and you would like to switch, our web design and development team can rebuild your website in WordPress and embed the WooCommerce functionality.  Your website will look exactly the same to the visitor but will look different behind the scenes.  Of course, if you’d like design enhancements while we’re doing the rebuild, that’s an option we can explore as well. 

Yes. Absolutely!  You’ve got a great website with products that people want but how will people find what you’re selling?


Many people will discover your company for the first time by using Google or another search engine.  So, if your website isn’t giving visitors a good user experience, it’s slow to load and it’s not signaling to search engines that it’s relevant, authoritative and trustworthy,  search engines will simply show your competitors’ websites in search results. Eighty percent of major purchases start with online research, even if the purchase itself happens in a store. Bottom line, your website needs to be visible. 

Yes, that’s the whole point of SEO – to get more traffic to your website and to encourage those visitors to buy from you rather than from your competitors. Almost 90% of consumers use search engines to inform their purchase decisions.  A good SEO strategy will send some of those users to you because your website will be visible.

The cost of SEO will depend on what’s needed to get you ranking highly. It will also depend on the size of your website and how competitive your niche is.  You can expect to invest between £1,500 to £5,000 a month but it does very much depend on a number of variables. 

Yes, absolutely. Relevant and engaging content that’s posted on a regular basis is the backbone of good SEO. It’s a way to engage your customers and it also provides search engines with keyword optimised content.