WooCommerce web design that drives sales for eco-conscious brands

Web design that’s scalable, flexible, fast and easy to manage.

Why use WooCommerce for your eCommerce website?

WooCommerce supports stores of all sizes

Whether you’ve got a few dozen products with a few shoppers a day or thousands of products with purchases every minute, WooCommerce can handle it all. It supports thousands of payment gateways, thousands of shipping methods and all the configurations required to suit your needs.

How we create WooCommerce websites


Over a video call between you and our team, we’ll drill down into the nitty gritty of what you’re looking to achieve.

Competitor Analysis

We thorougly research your competitors so we understand the field you’re operating in.


We get to work designing a website uniquely captures your brand. When the final design is ready, we’ll send it to you for approval.


Once you've approved the design, we'll work on building your website, making sure it’s fast, mobile responsive, visually appealing.

Post-launch Testing

Before you tell everyone about how fabulous your website is, we’ll carry out extensive testing to make sure that everything is working perfectly.


Take advantage of one of our support packages. We’ll show you how the WordPress dashboard works. Or we can take care of everything for you.

WooCommerce website examples

Kokoa Collection

Performance Design Centre

Kartee Salon

WooCommerce Packages

Every site is different and you’ll have a set of criteria that’s unique to your business.  While we have three broad packages to choose from, we’ll give you a more accurate quote after our initial conversation.

Starter eCommerce

From £950

Perfect for small businesses that are building a client base

Corporate eCommerce

From £2400

Suitable for mid-sized businesses with an established client base

Advance eCommerce

From £3200

Suitable for larger websites selling products online.

Website hosting and WordPress support

Need website hosting and WordPress support?

Ongoing website support is an integral part of what we offer.  We fix website errors, crush those pesky bugs and keep your website updated safely without losing customisation.  Stay with your hosting company or host with us.

Why we only work with WordPress

The WooCommerce plugin on WordPress powers around 35% of all online shops. This makes it one of the most trusted eCommerce systems on the web.  We’ve worked with other platforms but they don’t provide the same flexibility for custom design. 

Our clients also prefer it because there are no apps to buy which can become costly.  WordPress is our platform of choice because it has built in blogging, unrestricted customisation and one-click refunds for your customers. 

Can you switch my Shopify site to WordPress ?

Absolutely! In fact we do this a lot.
Businesses come to us wanting a more flexible, less costly alternative to their current online ecommerce platform.

Whichever platform your website is built on, we can build it in WordPress.

Talk to us about your website needs


We only build websites in WordPress (including the eCommerce functionality WooCommerce).  This is because WordPress gives you access and control over your own website which is really important.  It’s also super easy for you to update on your own. WordPress is also the world’s most popular website platform, adding functionality is easy with plugins.  And, we’ve been building websites on WordPress for decades so there’s not much we don’t know about it. It’s also great for integrating eCommerce, CRMs and booking systems.

Unfortunately no. We believe that WordPress offers the best platform for almost all businesses.   

Absolutely! We get asked to do this all of the time.  We’ll build a replica of your site offline so that your current site remains live. Once it’s complete we’ll make the switch.  No one will know – except for you.  It often happens that we’ll spot ways to improve your website’s functionality or appearance.  We can do this at the same time as the rebuild. 

The cost to build your website will depend on the amount of work involved, how much copy and how many pages are required and the type of functionality you need.  After your call with our web developer we’ll provide you with a detailed quote. 

The time to build the website will depend greatly upon if you have the content ready.  We prefer to have the copy already written before we start with the design process.  This is so that we know how to lay out the copy that makes sense.  It will also depend on how many changes or additions you want throughout the process.   Typically a ten-page website takes four weeks once we have the final copy to work with.