WordPress website design services for eco-conscious companies

Capture your customers’ attention, build brand recognition and effortlessly maintain your WordPress site.

Websites that make a great first impression

Why your sustainably-driven business needs WordPress website design

Your ethical business needs a website that makes you stand out like a majestic white tiger, and works as efficiently as trees turning carbon dioxide into oxygen. Similar to a shop window, your website entices people to engage with you, demonstrates who you are and helps build a sense of trust in your business. 

As part of Savvy SEO’s WordPress website design service, we build fast, visually attractive and mobile-friendly WordPress websites. Using modern and intuitive designs, the Savvy SEO web team makes it a breeze for your visitors to buy your product or service – which is exactly how it should be.

Here’s what the website build process involves


Over a video call between you and my web design team, we’ll drill down into the nitty gritty of what you’re looking to achieve.

Competitor Analysis

We thorougly research your competitors so we understand the field you’re operating in.


We get to work designing a website uniquely captures your brand. When the final design is ready, we’ll send it to you for approval.


Once you've approved the design, we'll work on building your website, making sure it’s fast, mobile responsive, visually appealing.

Post-launch Testing

Before you tell everyone about how fabulous your website is, we’ll carry out extensive testing to make sure that everything is working perfectly.


Take advantage of one of our support packages. We’ll show you how the WordPress dashboard works. Or we can take care of everything for you.

WordPress website examples

Many Moons Travel

Wendy Richards Business Coaching

Sarah Clay Social

Point Clair House

Nordland Landscapes

IC Hair & Beauty Salon

Custom WordPress web design and development

Don’t settle for a website that looks like every other website in your niche.  As more companies jump on the “eco-friendly bandwagon” you’ll want to make sure your business stands out online.  Get a website that perfectly showcases your brand, ethos and why people should work with you. The website we’ll build will be designed to give the best experience across all devices.  It will also be optimised for SEO, helping your website to move higher up in search engine rankings. 

Why I only work with WordPress

WordPress is my platform of choice because it puts you, the user, in control. With built-in blogging, unrestricted customisation, themes and plugins, you won’t have to rely on a web developer who won’t give you access or who charges an extortionate amount for making changes. Other website platforms just don’t provide the same flexibility for custom design.

Website support and hosting

Now that you have your website the way you want it, you’ll need to make sure it’s maintained,  fast and error free. 

Stay with your hosting company or host with us. Depending on your needs, you can avail of the monthly plan or pay-as-you-go website support.

I don’t have a WordPress site. Can you transfer it?

Absolutely! In fact, I get asked to transfer sites built on other platforms to WordPress all of the time.  The best bit? My web team can build your website to look exactly the same. The team will do this offline so that your existing site is still running as normal. Once your new site is ready and approved, the switch will be made seamlessly. There’ll be no visual difference to your users, but it will make a world of difference to you. 


Talk to me about your website needs


We only build websites in WordPress (including the eCommerce functionality WooCommerce).  This is because WordPress gives you access and control over your own website which is really important. It’s also super easy for you to update on your own.


WordPress is also the world’s most popular website platform, adding functionality is easy with plugins.  And, we’ve been building websites on WordPress for decades so there’s not much we don’t know about it. It’s also great for integrating eCommerce, CRMs and booking systems.

Unfortunately no. We believe that WordPress offers the best platform for almost all businesses.   

Absolutely! We get asked to do this all of the time.  We’ll build a replica of your site offline so that your current site remains live. Once it’s complete we’ll make the switch.  No one will know – except for you.  It often happens that we’ll spot ways to improve your website’s functionality or appearance.  We can do this at the same time as the rebuild. 

The cost to build your website will depend on the amount of work involved, how much copy and how many pages are required and the type of functionality you need.  After your call with our web developer we’ll provide you with a detailed quote. 

The time to build the website will depend greatly upon if you have the content ready.  We prefer to have the copy already written before we start with the design process.  This is so that we know how to lay out the copy that makes sense.  It will also depend on how many changes or additions you want throughout the process.   Typically a ten-page website takes four weeks once we have the final copy to work with.